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    What would people here consider an appropiate waiting time to get a faulty GAINWARD Ti 4200 graphics card replaced?
    Can anything be done to speed up the process?
    The old card I am using will not run some programs!

    Thanks Regards Rob

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    Where did you send it to? If it went back to Taiwan, you could expect up to a month to get it back, maybe more because of the postal service.
    I thought if you had a faulty gainward then they were just going to replace them?

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    As far as I am aware it was sent from the dealer in Christchurch to Auckland for Replacement.Just like to know expected time frame before I start bugging the dealer!

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    Graham L

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    I would say that surface mail might take a couple of days each way. Allow a couple of days for sickies, public holidays, and "administration". If you haven't got the board (or a good excuse) in a week, start bugging them.

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    Just had confirmation that the card is being returned as No fault found,Funny since I installed my old tnt2 card I have not had 1 crash in 8 days.
    So it looks as if I will have to suffer and run my computer at high temperature and hope the motherboard can handle it,as the tnt2 cannot handle daoc.

    What card would be a good replacement(when I get some coppers together) must be a dual as I love my 2 monitors.

    Yes I am 67 and play computer games and very disgruntled at the Gainward supplier.

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