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    Default Game server - Dsl rta 220 router - Can't see the server

    Um, my last problem. I wanna set up a game server every now and then, just like for half and hour sort of thing so every now and then me and my friends can play privately, and um, after switching to dsl router, it doesnt work.

    The game uses port 28070 so I went to dynalink rta 220 settings, virtual server, and created a virtual server inputting that port in the 2 port bits and my network ip that I gave myself in the ip address bit under internal host. Sept, even when I make a server, I still cant see it!!!!

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    Default Re: Game server - Dsl rta 220 router - Can't see the server

    I've setup servers on my router using pinholes.

    I'm assuming it's a server you're connecting to it via internet?

    both ports should be TCP 28070 and the IP should be linked to the NIC's IP.

    To connect you'll need to know your external IP (Internet IP, NAT IP,etc)

    so for example I setup a pinhole on port 28070 TCP and IP address of my private network NAT IP is (just an example)

    In the game I'd connect to

    If you are running a software firewall you'll need to configure it to allow connections to that port too.

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    Big John

    Default Re: Game server - Dsl rta 220 router - Can't see the server

    You need to know what ports the game is using and then open pinholes for those ports.

    Either that or the 220 can do a DMZ which means all traffic not bound for a specific PC due to a request from that PC will get routed to the PC.

    I think it is about time you RTFM because it tells you all these things in it.

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