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    Hi There
    I have amd 486 dx4 100mhz with american megatrends bios and everytime i start my pc there i a message KB/Interface Error so i cant continue with starting my pc (i cant enter in bios too).
    Please help me to fix this problem.

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    Steve Askew

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    KB/Interface Error: There is an error in the keyboard connector.

    Obvious thing to do is check keyboard plug is seated firmly in back of PC.
    2nd thing to try is another keyboard & if that doesn't solve problem I would say your motherboard is dead :-(

    Cheers Steve

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    Billy T

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    Before you finally condemn your MB, check the CMOS battery. I've had this problem twice before and the battery was the cause.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Robin S_

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    I have an old computer that intermittantly has a similar problem. I am almost certain that the cause is a bad connection in the keyboard socket on the m/b - ? dry joint. In my case it can sometimes be overcome by wriggling the connector on the end of the keyboard cable. Other possibilities are broken wire within the cable or faulty connection at the keyboard end.

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