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    Default invalid system config message

    When first powered up my pc comes up with "Invalid system configuration data-run configuration utility, press F1 to continue, F2 to setup". The bios is phoenix v4.04pnp.
    If I press F1 Windows(95) starts and pc runs ok except is short of resources and I can't run ie5 and outlook at the same time (not enough memory messages pop up).
    I cannot see what is wrong with the bios settings. What should I check?

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    Default Re: invalid system config message

    You could try choosing the "configure with optimal/safe settings" option in your bios screen if this is available to you. This would set the settings back to something conservative, and might solve the problem.

    How old is your computer? the motherboard battery might be going flat, but I dont think that that would cause your other problems. Somebody please correct me if im wrong.

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    Default Re: invalid system config message

    Thanks, the rtc has the cmos battery built in to the "chip" and I think it is retaining data. I found this on the site:
    What does this message mean: "Invalid System Configuration Data"?

    Extended System Configuration Data (ESCD) provides a storage space for the configuration data in a Plug and Play system. In a "Plug and Play" (PnP) system, the BIOS (as well as the operating system, if it is PnP aware) needs to know what system resources - memory space, IO space, DMA channels and IRQs - are used by add-on cards. For cards which are not PnP, the BIOS has to be told by the computer user what resources are used by these cards. Once you have configured your system properly, ESCD is used to load the same configuration each time the computer boots. If this message is displayed, an error has occurred. Take these steps:

    Go into Setup and find the field labeled, "Reset configuration data;"

    Set this field to "yes;"

    Save and exit the Setup program. The system restarts and clears ESCD during POST;

    Run whatever Plug and Play configuration tool is appropriate for your system:

    If you have Windows 95/98 (which are Plug-and-Play operating systems), simply restart your computer. Windows 95/98 will automatically configure your system and load ESCD with the new data.

    If you don't have Windows 95/98, run the ICU (ISA Configuration Utility).

    I did that and no more "invalid etc" message. Easy eh?, now for the not enough memory bit.

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