I have just bought a brand new pentium 4 computer with Windows XP Home (SP1) installed

I also have an older windows 95osr2 machine, and I wish to network them together. I have the crossover cable connected to both, and the link light illumonated.

I searched the web, and found that XP doesn't support NetBeui, and needs it to see 95. I installed that, along with tcp/ip. With a lot of tweaking and experimenting, I finally managed to get them to see each other, and share files, with the printer on the XP machine setup successfully.

I then proceeded to setup the windows 95 machine to use the internet, which I had shared on the XP, using the network setup wizard. Unfortunaetly, the windows 95 machine keeps coming up with the page cannot be displayed (server not found) routine. I tried clicking on the "detect network settings" but this did nothing. I tried a proxy server program on the XP machine (proxy plus, downloaded from download.com) but it didnt work. is there something wrong with the protocols? i tried re-installing the protocols, ms cient for ms networks, file & print sharing etc. but nothing works.

How can I get internet on the windows 95 machine?