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    John H

    Default Firmware - to update or not to update...

    Not sure if this is a dumb question, but anyway...

    My wireless access point, which is working fine, has a firmware update available. There is no info on the website about what the update is meant to accomplish.

    What is the general feeling in PressF1 land about updating firmware, if the hardware seems to be working fine?

    Is your principle "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", or do you just go for the latest and (hopefully) greatest version?

    I have to say the only time I have ever observed a difference in anything where I have updated firmware was with an older PalmOS PDA...

    Any thoughts to guide me in choosing whether to take the plunge or not?



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    Default Re: Firmware - to update or not to update...

    If its hardware and it aint broke - Dont fix it!
    Maybe upgrade - like newer HDD, but firmware is something Ive never done.

    Software on the other hand... Im doing beta testing for .NET Server and its awesome
    I like to try and keep to the latest versions of sofware stuff.. but never done firmware - no need!

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    Default Re: Firmware - to update or not to update...

    unless your a complete tweak head, don't fix if it isn't broke. exspecially if its firmware/bois and they don't say what is changed.

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    Default Re: Firmware - to update or not to update...

    I suppose with it being a wireless access point the firmware upgrade could be an encryption update. I know that there's been quite a bit of talk lately about WEP and the need to increase to at 128bit encryption at least.........

    Wanders back off, BUT definitely won't log off..........

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    Default Re: Firmware - to update or not to update...

    I'm one for the school of thought that says if at aint broke.. dont fix it. If you do you might just fix it REAL good!

    I had problems with a CDRW some time ago.. firmware upgrading was easy, but was pointless.

    Unless you have a need to change it, such as something seems wrong and the fault appears to tie in with firmware, i personally would be inclined to leave well alone.


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    John H

    Default Re: Firmware - to update or not to update...

    Thanks very much for all of your replies folks. You all seem to agree on the basic principle (if it ain't broke etc), which is what my instinct tells me too.

    tweak'e - I am definitely not a tweak head as you can probably tell from some of my posts in the past... So best to leave well alone

    Gorela - the WAP already has 128 bit encryption, so the firmware upgrade won't even do that for me.

    .Clueless - I also updated the firmware on a CDRW, and once done it seemed utterly pointless too. There has been a problem with the thing ever since, which may be more than coincidence.

    So thanks very much everyone. I will not mess with its head... Although it would be revenge for the mess it made of my head until I worked out to turn off the firewalls on each computer until the various bits were configured, and then write a rule that allowed the firewalls to be turned on again without stuffing up access to the network! It is all working well now, and has 128 bit encryption as well as firewalls - a bit like wearing a belt and braces at the same time.


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