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    Young Whiz Kid

    Default Help Windows XP networking???

    I have just bought a brand new pentium 4 computer with Windows XP Home (SP1) installed

    I also have an older windows 95osr2 machine, and I wish to network them together. I have the crossover cable connected to both, and the link light illumonated.

    I searched the web, and found that XP doesn't support NetBeui, and needs it to see 95. I installed that, along with tcp/ip. With a lot of tweaking and experimenting, I finally managed to get them to see each other, and share files, with the printer on the XP machine setup successfully.

    I then proceeded to setup the windows 95 machine to use the internet, which I had shared on the XP, using the network setup wizard. Unfortunaetly, the windows 95 machine keeps coming up with the page cannot be displayed (server not found) routine. I tried clicking on the "detect network settings" but this did nothing. I tried a proxy server program on the XP machine (proxy plus, downloaded from but it didnt work. is there something wrong with the protocols? i tried re-installing the protocols, ms cient for ms networks, file & print sharing etc. but nothing works.

    How can I get internet on the windows 95 machine?

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    Default Re: Help Windows XP networking???

    Search the knowledgebase at MS and set up the network correctly first.

    Then set up ICS

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    Young Whiz Kid

    Default Re: Help Windows XP networking???

    It still doesn't help, and I really need some help here!!!

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    Susan B

    Default Re: Help Windows XP networking???

    It is NOT a Good Idea to start new threads just because no one has replied to your first one. Your original thread has a lot of information that could be relevant to someone trying to help. Also, you may or may not be aware that the forum has been having a lot of problems lately and people haven't been able to log in, thus replies may be slow in coming.

    Unfortunately your problem is not an easy one for others to help you with. I know, because I went down exactly the same path a few weeks ago, only with Win 98 and Win XP. Some people laughed at me (not on this forum BTW, though I suspect some did privately) when I reformatted the Win 98 computer but it was the only way I could get ICS working. Like you, everything else worked except the Win 98 computer couldn't browse and display pages although pings worked. I thought I would have to reformat the Win XP computer as well, but in the end it wasn't necessary. After the reformat and reinstall of Win 98 everything went like clockwork but it was a drastic measure.

    You can read about it here but be warned, it's a very long thread and it may or may not have anything there to help you.

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    Default Re: Help Windows XP networking???

    Take some time read the networking FAQ, read other help files avaliable on the net, then get back to us.

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