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    Whatcha all!
    Ever the one to try peoples thinking..... is it possible (ok easy to use TWO video cards at the same time?
    The reason being is that I have a 64 MB video card (don't ask me what breed, but it has no 'VIVO') and a 16 MB video card that appears to have just 'VO'. Now I'm interested in instaling a DVD ROM so that I can watch them on my computer, but hey, wouldn't it be nice if I could run a bit of cable under the house and watch it on the TV either at the same time or perhaps turn one on and the other off!! ?:|

    Regards ;-)

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    It'd be impossible if both cards were AGP cards. Actually, I think it would be impossible full stop.

    Not only would you have to run cable to your tv, but you'd also need to include cable for the sound (tv-out does not carry sound).

    Best bet would be to buy a decent graphics card to do this job.


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    Windows supports 2 video cards, but motherboards don't have 2 AGP slots, so one needs to be a PCI slot.

    Windows can also be fussy about what type of cards are acceptable as a second video display.

    I use 2 cards (2 monitors)
    MX460 AGP 64 MB VIVO
    MX200 PCI 32 MB

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    There we go! I knew someone would come along with a good answer!

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    How far are you planning to run the cables under the house?
    You will get a degraded signal to the TV if its very far, unless you use high quality video cable.

    A stand-alone DVD player is often the cheapest way. The Warehouse have them for $179.95.

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    Yes, High-Quality cable is the best option. I grabbed a VERY knowledgable friend on the topic of electronics (He make the Fusion Car Audio Systems and designs things like that) and we bought some "fair-priced" cabling from DSE and 2x RCA plugs. Didnt go too well...

    However, we used his 30 Meter cable that he uses for other purposes (Dunno why he just keeps a spare RCA lead lying around.. Must ask him if I can have it) and it was think, High-Quality cable!

    For the next two days, I enjoyed watching DVD's from my PC about two rooms down on my TV with my Home Theatre System (He also had a few 3.5mm > RCA cables I use :-)). Goddy is right, while in theory it might be possibly if your mobo had 2x AGP ports, you've gotta go for one PCI at least! Be careful of the S3 cards, as the can only be primary on 2K/XP and not secondary... That is if you're gonna go find a cheap card.

    Games will likely be played on your primary (AGP) card, so a secondary PCI one doesnt have to be fancy!

    Setup is DEAD EASY! Crack open the case, pop in the new PCI card, restart your PC with the new monitor plugged in and it'll tell you where to go from there with a nice wee txt message on your secondary screen!!!

    It is fun, and Ive had 5 running off a P75 on Win98 and it still ran fine!



    BTW - DVD players were about $80 + GST on PriceSpy last time I looked!

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