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    I have been collecting commands to put in the run box so i can put them in my computer book for reference later.
    When i type in ipconfig to find my ip address it doesnt work..sometimes a screen flashes but thats it.. every where i go this is the command to use but it won,t ...
    also i found one called netstat-a which checks ports but this won,t work either,.this one says goto comand prompt \type
    c:\ netstat-a then click enter then it says
    netstat-a is not reqognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file
    thanks for any help i'm more interested why they don't work when you see these commands on lots of sites which say they do ?:|

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    sorry win xp

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    netstat has a space after it ie c:\netstat -a
    netstat and ipconfig are NT only I think, eg. NT 4 and Win2k and up

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    ipconfig must be run from a dos window
    the error you get with netstat is because your not running it from its directory

    dir netstat.* /s
    to find what directory it is in

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    thanks both work now

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