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    Default The dread index.dat

    Read the Windows index.dat FAQ (thank you Susan). Downloaded PowerDesk - an excellent tool generally; much friendlier and more informative than MyComputer/Internet Explorer - and went searching.

    In various corners of my XP Pro system, there are 56 (fifty-six) files called index.dat.

    Twelve of these prove absolutely resistant to any attempt at deletion or renaming (some of those may only be pointers to other copies (they are 32K exactly in size).

    When I try to delete, I get the message: "his file is being used by another user or program" - even when I shut down everything I can see that is shut-downable - and there are certainly no other users left logged in on the machine!

    The two biggies (undeletable) are 1.6 MB and 917K

    Any ideas for expunging all traces?


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    Billy T

    Default Re: The dread index.dat

    Hi argus

    This Thread has some more ideas. you can delete any index.dat files without fear as they will recreate next time you boot. The 32K ones are usually empty but they are worth taking a look inside if you are curious. They should open in notepad.

    I use a DOS boot disk on my main computer simply because it works and I know that nothing is missed. Other programs work well, though they might not catch every index.dat file. Mind you, quite a few are absolutely harmless.


    Billy 8-{)

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