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    Default Cant get modem to shut up


    My previous OS was win me and then i upgraded to win xp.

    But i was having troubles with the modem driver not wotking with Xp so i downgraded to win 2000.

    Now modem is working and everything is fine but after i have dialed in the modem continues to make this horrible screeching noise.

    I know that you can go into modem properties and stuff and turn the modem volume off but it still wont work.

    Somebody suggested that i should get a new modem.

    I think i should but would first like to get some suggestions.

    thanks alot

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    Default Re: Cant get modem to shut up

    Win2k has two places which require the check to be unticked. In the system properties under device manager (WinKey+Pause/Break), Hardware, Device Manager select Modem and change the properties there.

    And there is also the properties for the dialup connection in Internet Explorer Properties (Internet Options, Connection and connection properties)

    If both checks are unmarked you could try a modem string but I've forgotten the command.

    Another option is to cut the speaker on the modem itself.

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    Default Re: Cant get modem to shut up

    Find the Modem properties and in Extra settings type L0. Thats L and a zero. This lowers the volume to zero. To turn the speaker off altogether use M0L0.

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    Jim B

    Default Re: Cant get modem to shut up

    This is normally due to the modem driver incorrect for your OS and is common with Conexant modems and XP
    You will probably find all the normal means to silence the modem have no affect.
    You will need to install the correct driver for your modem.
    They are available from many sites, one is

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Cant get modem to shut up

    And until you find a cure try a thick wad of Bluetak on the piezo sounder which is making all the noise.

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