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    I have a Sony analogue camcorder. Can I capture film clips from an analogue tape to my computer? I guess I'll need a "frame grabbbing" card. Any advice? Thanks.

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    No expert, but I have been looking into something similar. If you are just wanting to capture to your computer just about any TV/Video Capture card will do the job.

    If you are wanting to edit and then send back to either the camera or VCR then you need to get a proper card specific to video capture. It appears that these are quite expensive.

    The other concern is that video chews memory. Approximately 1G per minute.

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    Gorela is correct, however if you choose an option which compresses the video you can get away with less than 30 Mb per minute (or more, depending on the compression).

    The compression option will depend on the software you use (Its often built into the software that comes with the Video capture card.

    I have 2 options for capture, my TV card, or my Video In option on my graphics adapter card (GF4 MX460). The MX460 is by far the better quality (and largest file size)

    I have captured Analogue 8mm Video. You need an audio lead, to feed the AV out of the camera to Line Input on your sound card as well, to capture the Audio.

    I then write the AVI file to a CD, as a VCD file which plays on a DVD player. NERO software does all that part.

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