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    Default PC loading pages too slow

    Operating Windows 98 SE . 128 MB ( 82% memory utilized). Running Norton Virus ....scan clear. Have defragged and optimized and I have run Disk Doctor and WinDoctor . When I run Cookie cleanup 38 files are listed but they are marked with a yellow square and Nortons programme says that safety sweep is enabled so these files cannot be removed.
    Also on startup ICQ seems to take forever to connect.
    F1 it is also very slow to load.
    Any ideas how these problems can be solved would be appreciated. If u need more information please let me know

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    Default Re: PC loading pages too slow

    What kind of 'net connection do you have? Dial-up? What speed is your modem?

    Perhaps try running Ad-Aware (see Lavasoft) to find out if you have spyware running in the background somewhere.

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    Default Re: PC loading pages too slow

    I have dial up connection and a 56 k modem

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    Default Re: PC loading pages too slow

    Problem fixed! I ran Ad-aware and found three spyware which I removed. Thank you so much for your help.

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    Default Re: PC loading pages too slow

    ??????????? is the problem really fixed. Spyware will take information from your computer, but it doesn't use up all your bandwidth. Post back here later, if things have slowed down again.

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    Susan B

    Default Re: PC loading pages too slow

    If you want to try speeding things up even more (after all, the faster the better ) then go into IE's Tools>Options and reduce the number of days to keep pages in history to the minimum you can live with. Mine is set to two.

    Next, in the same dialogue box, click on Settings and reduce the amount of disk space to use for your temporary internet files folder. Again it is up to you what you can live with depending on your hard drive size but mine is set to just 200MB. On my older PC with a smaller hard drive it is even less but you can experiment with your settings.

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