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    I think the "show desktop" icon which sits in the launch bar got deleted.
    And now the icon appears blank indicating no file link.

    Get message Show Desktop.scf missing when i click on the ShowDesktop Icon in launch bar.
    How can i restore the shortcut icon?


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    I can't remember the file name which does this (it's an Explorer Extension), so you'll either have to get it off another user profile, or look around for the file in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (or SYSTEM32 if you have NT/2000/XP).

    If you have other users that log on to your system, look in the profiles folder (again, if you have 2000/XP it'll be 'C:\Documents and Settings', if you have any other Windows version it'll be 'C:\WINDOWS\Profiles'. Browse to a users folder (aside from your own, and All Users may even do), and go to 'Application Data/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch' and look for the Show Desktop icon. It may also be under the 'Local Settings' folder in the users folder.

    Beating that (and far easier), you can try downloading my version here.

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    I would find somebody else with the same OS and copy the shortcut and the actual Show Desktop File.

    Dont forget to put the actualy SD file in the same place as where the shortcut is pointing.
    I think that the file has been the same from 98 onwards, as I have used a 98 link and file on a 2K machine fine.

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    Thankxx Agent and chilling,

    Like you said I copied the file from another profile and into my profile.
    How simple!!

    Sometimes simple things dont come into your mind.


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