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    My 56K Dynalink modem which is a re-badged Lucent Win Modem will not connect any faster than 34666 bps. This seems very slow considering that my other computer with a 33.6K modem regularly connects at 33600 bps. I have returned my computer to the supplier who says that the modem is working at normal speed and I have worked my way through Xtra's trouble shooting pages all to no avail. Can you please suggest how I can speed up my modem. I think it should run at about 45000 to 47000 bps.

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    Is your telephone line able to support the higher speeds?

    If Telecom have used a "pair gaining" system that affects your line (also called 0+2 I think) then thats about the limit. You need to ask Telecom about this first?

    Also try connecting with no other devices attached (e.g.other phones) in the house.

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    Your connection speed may be affected by line noise... It depends too on where you are in relation the the Exchange you use.

    Here I often install Lucent WinModems for clients and when accessing the 'Net from my place I usually get 48 - 52 Kb

    Just somtimes.... Not often, it will drop to 31.2

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    I also had this exact problem a few months backs with my old 56k Lucent too!

    1. Ring Telecom and ask for a line test.

    If this is unsuccessful, then try connecting without SOME or ONE phone. As my end result was having to pull out one of my older telephones and then speed increased to usually 49-52k.

    Hope this helps,

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    I would reccomend the Line test by telecom, as when we connected with our old phone line, our connection speed was severely crippled due to bad line conditions.

    Also - by removing all telephones and fax's from the phone line that you are connecting with, you remove interference from devices in your house.

    Have you tried taking your computer to a friends house and trying to connect from there? - by doing this and noting your connection speed (whether it has increased) you can pinpoint the problem at either been with your phone lines or your computer/modem settings


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    Thanks everyone,
    I found that one of my phones was causing the trouble. When I disconnected it my connection speed jumped up to 50666 bps, Looks as though I may need a new phone.

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    See, ;-)...

    I experienced this problem my self not so long ago,

    Happy surfing,

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