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    My son has an older computer. 133MHz 32Mb Ram with windows 98 and IE4. used to have no trouble accessing the web and downloading e-mails. I don’t know when the trouble started but he couldn’t use OE only the web browser to read his mail. Tried upgrading to IE6, and couldn’t access either, then tried netscape and that would do both straight after the install but wouldn’t work after the next reboot, reinstalled windows on top of itself and now can download e-mails with OE but cant access the web through IE. I would have thought if the computer can access the ISP and connect to the mail box it could also go to web sites. Can anybody suggest what to do next. Thank you

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    i would give adaware a run first.

    how do you connect to the web? modem? adsl?

    any firewalls?

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    Jim B

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    Check IE Settings

    Check these things.
    With Internet Explorer open select Tools/Internet Options

    Make sure you have a valid homepage address. Delete and retype if required.
    Click Apply

    Click on Connections tab at the top
    Make sure your ISP connection is showing as the default.
    Make sure "always dial my default connection" has the dot in it.
    Click Apply if hilighted

    Click on Settings.(Under Add/Remove)
    Remove the tick from any boxes on this page, especially Proxy server.
    Click Okay

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    Default Re: can't access internet

    thanks you for the input.
    He will try Adaware and remove nortons Security.
    Jim'B's suggestions had already been checked.
    the latest is if a link is supplied in an e-mail he can go to the site from OE but while still connected he cannot load IE and access from there. closing IE and going back to OE is fine again he can travel the web no trouble. perhaps something in the registry needs altering, but i have no idea what

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