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    Default How much does MS charge HP to put Windows on their computers?

    I bought my HP computer two years ago, and thoroughly recommend it. It came packaged with Windows ME. It seems to me that this must be a fair percentage of the cost of the computer, and I note that when the computer dies, I won't be able to transfer the Windows ME to a new machine, as it is designed just for the one I bought.
    Does anyone know how much Microsoft charge HP for this?

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    Default Re: How much does MS charge HP to put Windows on their computers?

    OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) versions of software are much lower in cost.

    The actual figure is unknown and unlikely to be disclosed.

    Some recent OEM software I purchased with a new PC recently had a retail value of $2000+. OEM cost to me was $600

    On that basis the Windows ME was probably about $100 or thereabouts.

    You are right about the software only being able to be used on that PC, and the HP restore CD is usually keyed to the Motherboard BIOS.

    I too have had very good service from HP computers, they are in my opinion very reliable.

    In my case, the OEM software is not keyed to my system. So, I assume I could upgrade the HDD, then the case, then the motherboard, then the HDD again etc... When does it cease to be the same system??

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    Default Re: How much does MS charge HP to put Windows on their computers?

    When I was working for Dick Smiths I couldn't get the hp sales rep to tell me how much it cost for them to have a windows OS on the pc.

    But then if it was "general infomation" then other OEMs ( Original Equipment Manufactures ) would be able to "do the numbers" so to speak and work out how much they paid for their hardware etc and build their own pcs cheaper than HP for example.

    HP has done things like instead of giving you your copy of the OS on CD they then moved it to "recovery CDs" then to what you see today... a special "recover partition" on the harddrive.

    For the customers that want the "recovery cds" you can ask HP for them, but this comes at a extra cost to you!!

    This is all done to keep the inital purchase price of the computer as low as they can while making it competitive - while still making a profit.

    But talking to some computer companys ( not your retail stores like harvy normals ops I mean normans ) for example I know you can get a 40Gb harddrive and windows xp pro for around $400

    Although I also noticed that a certain seccond hand store was selling a copy of windows me for $150? which is kind of not legal as the OS will have been registerd to the original owner...


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