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    Default Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    Every 2 or 3 minutes my computer makes this quick sound effect and my mouse stops responding. 5 to 10 seconds later it will make the beep again and I'll have control over my mouse once more. This will continue for maybe 15 minutes until both my keyboard and mouse just die. The computer however will remain working and things like music, videos, AIM, chatrooms and downloads will continue to work fine. I've tried running a virus checker(McAfee) and it found nothing. I disconnected my router, DSL modem and everything else except for my monitor, mouse and keyboard and it still does it. I've tried using completely different mice and keyboards and it still does it.

    I finally decided to reformat my harddrive, surely that would fix it right? Nope, even after reformatting it with my recovery discs it still had the same error. The error even happens before I get a chance to login into Windows XP.

    My computer is a Compaq Presario running on Windows XP. It's a little over 2 years old, 15 gig hard drive and 866 mhz. The day that this error started happening I don't really remember downloading anything unusual. Just a couple zip files and such. And I know I didn't get anything from an email.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    tell us more about this beep sound. Does it sound like a real cheap sound (PC speaker) or does it sound like something you have attached to your system, like when you load windows and you get a nice introduction sound.

    At the moment i'm possibly thinking that your computer is chucking your mouse and keyboard into standby.

    What ports do your keyboards/mouse use?
    USB? ps/2? serial?

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    Had troubles when registering so it seems I ended up under a different login name now. But this is infact me, sonicblueseven21. -_-

    My mouse and keyboard are both connected directly to the back of my PC. I assume it's USB, but I wouldn't know how to say for sure. What exactly are PS/2 connectors.

    The sound it makes is very similar to the sound AOL Instant Messenger makes. I know for a fact that it isn't the same sound, but the length of it and the tone are both similar. There's two sound effects, one is sort of high-pitched I guess you could say. And the other one is the opposite.

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    PS/2 connectors are round and have about five metal pins and one small rectangle on them. Have a look at where your keyboard and mouse plug in to your computer. If they are a flat rectangle shape, they're USB devices.

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    My default keyboard and mouse both use USB to connect to my PC. I have tried other mice that are PS/2.

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    Have you looked in Device Manager? See if anything has a yellow warning sign, or if there's anything listed under "Other Devices".

    Also, run the Help and Support Centre and search for "System Information". There is an article that has a shortcut to launch the System Information utility. When you get this opened, have a look in the "Conflicts" list under Hardware. This will show you all conflicts your system has. See if there are any entries for the hardware name of your keyboard or mouse (they might be called "USB Human Interface Device", or "Logitech USB Mouse", it depends on brands and what kind of mouse/keyboard you have).

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    To get to the device manager you right click my computer then select manage from the menu. A box willl come up and you choose device manager from there.

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    John H

    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    This may sound really dumb, but I had a Microsoft keyboard apparently die on me. My computer techie told me to shut down, power off, disconnect the keyboard from the PC, and then reconnect it and power up again.

    Like magic, it worked. He had some explanation about a static charge building up in the keyboard, but he was a bit vague because he wasn't sure what it was all about - just that it had worked for him on previous occasions.

    Maybe worth a try with both your mouse and keyboard? At least it won't cost anything to do!

    Good luck...

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding


    I don't know why I didn't think of this before. I said I had tried to use different mice before. But what I was doing was switching to the different mice once the computer was already on. This time I switched my mouse before I started the PC and thus far, no problems. And now that I think about it, I believe I know the problem. The mouse that was having trouble is a Sony mouse that is a 2-in-1 device.

    It has a mini drive in the back that allows me to insert a memory stick from my digital camera. My guess is that something happened with that, which would be the cause of all the freezing. Anyone know if this would be the reason? I'm about to test the Sony mouse on my brothers computer to see what happens.

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    Default Re: Mouse/Keyboard Stops Responding

    Yes, Some USB devices can be picky about when they're connected/disconnected and can throw errors galore!

    Otherwise, try disconnecting the mouse and doing same

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