Windows 98 has a great search tool that is easily invoked by pressing the <ctrl> + F keys and it is a sleek, clean search dialogue box. When I search for a file and I'm using Windows Explorer, I like to use the search tool, then go back to the previous view with the left window or sidebar displaying my folders and the right window displaying the contents.

In Windows 98 I could close the search dialogue box with no change to the folder/file layout, but in Windows XP/ME, the left window is permanently changed to a crappy search bar that I never want to see again for the rest of my life. The only way I know of returning to my previous view with folders on the left & files on the right is to close explorer & restart it, then browse back to where I left off.

Is there anybody out there that knows how to turn off the "intuitive - not" search wizard/interface and replace it with the sleek, clean & onubtrusive search dialogue like Windows 98?