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    Default Cleaning inside the case

    Having had reason to spend a fair bit of time inside the box recently I can't help but wonder about the best way to get rid of all that dust!

    Any ideas (NB: I don't have anything to 'blow' it away using air pressure)

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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    I know I'll probably be flamed for saying this, but...

    just get out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum it... very carefully I've done this several times with several machines and never had a problem, although I don't doubt there are risks involved.


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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    If you open the case and fiddle about with the components enough, then there never seems to be any dust to worry about!

    I have seen a reall badly done PC with fans so clogged up they dont spin!

    Give it a good blow around (From your mouth - Like the Big Bad Wolf), and sometimes a pastry brush to get into those hard-to-reach places!



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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    You can buy canned air from some retailers and use that if you want to.

    The best thing to do is to pull the whole thing apart completely and clean all the parts separately.

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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    I cleaned out a cow-orkers PC case the other week - her hubby had been sanding the floors in the same room, and didn't think to cover or move it. (He did put covers on the furniture, though!). When I opened the case (trying to figure out why it wasn't working), there was a 1cm layer of sawdust over absolutely everything. That compressed air sure did the trick though - got 90% of the components working again (for a while, anyway). I think it costs around $15 a can...

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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    a cow-orkers

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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    the trouble with vacuum cleaners is they can generate large amounts of static. a can of air is better. also a small brush is good for getting at that stuck on dust.

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    Billy T

    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    I got a Dilbert book for Christmas on account of the Far Side ceasing production of desktop calendars.

    I've been right through it from cover to cover Honeylaser, but Dilbert hasn't orked a single cow.

    Have I been given a defective book ?:|


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    > Have I been given a defective book ?:|

    Yes. The subject of cow orking has been of great interest to the Dilbert loving community in recent years. If the book you have purchased in less than 2 years old, and does not contain any mention of orking, cows or otherwise, then I'm afraid you should return it for a full refund.

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Cleaning inside the case

    I always keep a 2" paintbrush around. That shifts dust around, and I've never had static troubles with it.

    I don't think static is a problem when all the components are plugged in. The connectors are covered, and everything is at "unipotential". Static is problem if you unplug a memory stick and blast it with fast moving dry air. BTW, that "canned air" is not air. (If it was, it would be even more exorbitantly priced than "Pure Mineral Water" which is bottled tap water. ) But anyway, I wouldn't rely on it's being static-free. It's moving fast from a fine nozzle. That creates static.

    A vacuum cleaner's output is much lower velocity, so will have less static potential. (That's a pun, geddit ?).

    But why not use the suction of the vacuum cleaner? Blowing dust distributes it around the room. A venetian blind attachment (or whatever they call that flattened bit of rubber hose) would probably get into most places.

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