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    does anyone know how to disable cheats in gta3 once you've activated them without quiting out of the game and going in again.

    especially cheats like "chittychittybb" which makes the gravity

    and also how do you activate the "ITSGALLUS: all level and city" cheat?

    all helps appreciated!!


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    I would suggest for cheats!

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    I'm not too sure if you active itsgallus and stevesmates, etc the same way in GTA3 as you do in GTA1 and 2, however, if it is, what you do is where you type in/alter your name, delete whatever name is already there, and then put in your cheat (itsgallus, etc), enter it in (so the game is ready to start) and then you can put your own name back in and start the game... this should do it


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