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    Default Harddrive size reported incorrectly

    Hi, a friend of mine has installed a new 20GB harddrive replacing his 1.2GB.The BIOS detected it ok and says its a 20GB but in Windows 98 My Computer or Windows Explorer it says its a 4.58GB. What can be the problem?

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    Well your 20Gig won't really be 20G in reality more like 18G. But 4.5G well you've taken a hit.
    I'm imagining that you havn't partioned it properly.

    Take a look at some partioning programmes like Partion Magic.
    Or read up on FDisk, i believe you will find something to help you in the FAQ section of pressf1

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    Default Re: Harddrive size reported incorrectly

    You may have a corrupt Master Boot Record on the Hard Disk. Open a 'dos box' (Start / Run enter 'command' ) and issue the command "fdisk /status". Post back the results.

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