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    Default 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    Hi all

    I've just installed an old HDD as the Primary Slave and all seems to work OK except...

    My primary Master HDD is partitioned as:

    C:\ OS and Programs
    D:\ Data including "My Documents"

    The problem is that with the new HDD it now comes up:

    C:\ OS and Programs
    D:\ New HDD
    D:\(E Data incl "My Documents"

    Which is a pain because none of our links for data now point to the correct place!

    (The new HDD is currently formatted as one partition (Primary, LBA)

    I would have thought that all the Primary master partitions should list before any slaves but apparently not so... unless of course I've simply set something wrong (ie. should I actually format the new HDD as a logical partition??)

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    i assume you're useing win9x/me as 2k/xp don't have this prob. what you need is a little prog called letter assigner which enables you to assign fixed leeters to the drives.

    i suggest you remove the new drive before doing anything else.

    after installing letter assigner go into the program and check the setup and press SAVE

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    Big John

    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    This is caused by the way windows looks at things. It looks for primary partitions on each HDD disk first and then goes for the logical ones. So it goes for C: on the primary HDD and then D: on the second HDD and then goes back and looks at the first HDD for any other partitions.

    The way around this is to partition the whole of the second HDD disk as a logical partition and then put the real partition inside this one. Then all should be back the way you want.

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    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    Use FDISK and create an EXTENDED PARTION on the second drive.

    Within that extended partition create one (or more) logical drives.

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    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    Thanks all

    I used all this info (now logical!) and Letter assigner to place it after the CD-Rom

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    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    Try before you recommend using MS FDISK to create an extended partition without first creating a primary partition.

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    Robin S_

    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    As you have found, Letter Assigner is great. The advantage of doing it that way is that you can have a primary partition on the 2nd hard drive, with an OS installed on it. Hence, if you ever need to later you can use this drive as a bootup drive without having to have it slaved to something else.

    The drive letter assignment problem that you encountered is something that the "almighty and allknowing" Microsoft seemingly just ignored - and I have never been able to fathom why. Good ol' DR DOS dealt with it beautifully in 1988! (or earlier) with a simple little routine called Unfortunately, it wouldn't work with MS DOS.

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    Robin S_

    Default Re: 2nd HDD - Letter Hog!

    Afterthought. I suggest that you put a copy of Letter Assigner on the primary partition of each drive. That way, if you swap your drives around or into other machines you have Letassig on tap to quickly reassign drive letters if need be.

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