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    Default Keeping and installing Windows 98 Update Files

    I have looked back at previous queries regarding keeping Windows 98 Update files but not found an answer regarding installing them. I have just downloaded and saved them into a folder (using a PC with XP so it didn't "examine" it for req'd updates) with the intention of putting them on a CD to load into more than one W98 PC. In total there are about 58 exe files including in sub-folders. It would appear each of these has to be executed individually rather than as a batch if done directly with a live internet connection to the Windows update site - rather tedious if more than one computer needs updating! Does anyone have a solution to this; and do Microsoft issue (for a charge) current updated CD's?

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    Default Re: Keeping and installing Windows 98 Update Files

    I would be interested in a more automated was also because each update needs to be followed by a reboot which gets really anoying.

    BTW, don't try to install all of them without rebooting, it breaks stuff.

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