Hello people

I read the FAQ about the "How do I network my PC". Everything went OK from adding protocols to testing it.

I'm networking up to computers

When I got up to the Sharing a Printer section-> Print a test page, the computer that is using the network printer can't print anything. It keeps coming up with an error saying "This function cannot be performed as the printer is not communicating" I tried Keep existing driver and also Replace existing driver but none of them works. I even install the printer's driver manually with Printer's driver CD, but that did not work either. The printer is ON and the cables are all connected, nothing seems to be wrong. I restarted both computers, it did not work either .

So does any one know what might be the problem? The File Sharing section was ok, nothing went wrong, just the can't print anything from the computer that is setup using the network printer.

Thank You Very Much