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    Default windows updates won't install

    I've just had to do a system recovery using XP because of a corrupt log on file, and now have at least 50 updates to do. I'm unable to install the updates because I get a message saying the software I'm installing has not passed the windows logo testing to verify the compatability with windows XP.

    I checked the updates help and checked to see that the cryptographic service was enabled and it was. In the help there were a couple of other suggestions like changing the file name....but they didn't tell me how to do this and I'm a newbie.

    Please help me on this.

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    mark c

    Default Re: windows updates won't install

    Do you mean you are downloading and trying to install XP updates from MS's site? Very odd. Have you tried a few times? Sometimes things just go off into space.

    And by 'system recovery' do you mean the GoBack facliity?

    Sorry can't be more useful but someone will pick it up. Stick around and be ready to answer questions on yr problem, that's the way to gett a fix.

    mark c

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    Default Re: windows updates won't install

    I reloaded windows using the built in system restore because of corrupt administrator log on files. And yes I was downloading all the XP updates from the microsoft update page...I could download them ok but not install them because of them not passing the windows logo testing. It was enabled in the cryptographic section, but I turned it on and off and rebooted just encase...but still I get the same message.

    Thanks for your response.

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