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    Ron Bakker

    Default html

    With my news letter that I am slowley orginising I would like to have it as html. A few photos maybe a gif or two. Can I use css in an html emails without to much conflict.
    Thanks for your help

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    Hi Ron,
    CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Had to look up Google for that one. Some browsers don't support CSS but that might be for web pages, as you are doing a newsletter that might be OK. Are you sending these newsletters to any businesses? if so you might be best to stick to Plain Text.
    In the end it will be trial & error as a group I belong to have found out & we are still getting it right after 3 trials.

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    > Are you sending these newsletters
    > to any businesses? if so you might be best to stick
    > to Plain Text.

    Even so there is a growing hatred for these HTML Emails, A lot of people send black text on white HTML Emails and they are about 2.5 bigger in file size than the same text sent in plain type Email pop along to
    (7 reasons why HTML Emails are evil.)

    Personally I love HTML Emails but all I get plain black text on white background, now I totally hate them.

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    Ron, i am moderator of one of those yahoo groups that distribute bulk emails to all members from any member. I also get the flak for html email. If i was on my old machine i'd quote you an email asking why i so often send unreadible gobbledeegook. It took me a while to work out that there are a few people out there who see the html email as:

    <irrelevant stuff> blah blah blah</irrelevant stuff>
    <more irrelevant stuff> blah blah blah</more irrelevant stuff>
    <rubbish>a</rubbish><more rubbish>word</more rubbish>

    <rubbish>another</rubbish><more rubbish>word</more rubbish>

    This tends to annoy rather than get a message across.

    "a word
    another word"
    probably never gets picked out of that mess by J. Bloggs and the recipiants

    I vote plain text.


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    I'd add a footnote..
    I just dumped OE because it would open spam by automaticly opening all the popups, and obeying all the html rules.
    Also it would play irritating background sounds and get away from that whole thing as to what email is (was) about.
    Being tied in heavily with IE, disabling these "features" meant killing scripts, active X, and generally making IE a seriously lame duck. At least i wont have to explain to my better &#189; why i suddenly have 10 windows of.....

    I'm now using Kmail, which handles simple, effective .html and ignores the over the top tricks.

    If your going to use .html please keep it very simple.

    As to the css script, are you going to send it with the email, or keep it on a server and link to it from the emails code???
    That could be kinda cool
    Fridays colors (today.gif) are blue and red (today.css)


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    Another option you could consider is to create a webpage for the html newsletter and just email the link to your members when it is updated. Archived newsletters can also be held if you wish.

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    to answer your initial question, ive found that css doesnt work very well in emails, well not at all, from tests that ive done

    i dont really send as many emails as i should considering how much time i spend on the net (), so i did a little test

    i made up a quick html email in OE (only email client we have), exported it, and i opened it up in a text editor, found some familiar html tags, and put an inline style sheet in the header, then i imported it back into OE, and viewed it …not very pretty, so from that test i assume css sheets dont work,

    but i could be wrong ?:|

    grtz sal.

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    Not surprising using OE.

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