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    Default Stuck in safe mode

    I am stuck in safe mode at 640x480 and 16 colour after removing hardware and software I tried to install unsuccessfully. Running Win 98SE on Pentium II 350. When restarting system always opens in safe mode.
    How can I get colour back, and return to normal mode?

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    Are you starting in "safe mode" in fact? Or just in VGA at 640 x 480 16 colour.

    If in "safe mode" it will have the words "safe mode" in each corner. If just in default VGA, it looks the same but no words.

    If not safe mode, then reload your motherboard drivers or video drivers if not on-board video

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    Must be just stuck in VGA at 640x480 16 colour. There are no other colour options. Video is on-board but cannot find motherboard card. System has also dropped all USB connections and software for those items. Thanks

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    OK, sounds like you need the drivers for the motherboard chipset. The full set of drivers will restore all functions.

    You have to determine the motherboard make and model. If you post those details here, someone will be able to point you to the website to download them (unless you already have them on a CD that came with your PC)

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    System Boasrd is for Dell XPS R350A. Board has labels attached saying Dell Rev A00, and 00025319-12465-849-002T, and AA696071 404. Stamped on the board is E139761.
    Have tried the Dell site but no drivers seem to be available.

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    I did a search for the stamp mark E139761 and came up with the link above where possible drivers might be located.

    I would be inclined to agree with God on this problem, that you are missing the drivers for your mother board and / or video card.

    If you have a restore disk or any system disks that came with the computer, the drivers should be on that, lacking that of course, then maybe that link will assist.

    You might have to log in to to download the file(s) but you should find that fairly painless.

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    I had a problem once after reinstalling windose, it would just go to safe mode

    To fix it I went to control panel -> system and removed half the devices, then as it rebooted I had my small collection of device CDROM and installed the devices one by one as it rebooted and asked for them, it appeared Windows install had not put in the correct drivers,

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