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    Default Thumbnails in explorer

    In explorer/my computer in XP, there is a view option to show thumbnails of graphics files. I find this really useful BUT! (why is there always a BUT! with M$ products) I can't view .PCX files. GIFs, JPGs and BMPs are fine. Can anyone tell me how to show the PCXs? Should I not use PCX? Is there any advantage/disadvantage in using PCX files rather than BMP format (other than this problem)?

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    Terry Porritt

    Default Re: Thumbnails in explorer

    It is just possible that the XP registry is similar to the Win98 one. If so then the only way I know to add thumbnail preview file types is to add them in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
    If you look at what the entry is for .bmp, then a new key and sub keys can be added for .pcx. There is a whole list there of image file types all with the same subkeys and values.

    Make the keys for pcx in the left pane of the registry editor and the value in the right pane exactly the same as for .bmp.
    In win98 there is a long string in a subkey of ShellEX, and a long value for that in the right pane.
    There may be other ways though, to do this in XP.

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