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    Default Qwik Chat 3.0 Finally Finalized

    Hi ladies and Gentlemen.

    I've finally finished building Qwik Chat 3.0 - Chat Software, and ts ready for anybody/everybody to download who wants. and sroll down, or directly its

    It currently features (Some but not all):
    上ork over LAN and Internet co-operatively!
    了ast, Fast, Fast transfer
    力wn Private hosting software
    刀ultiple Chatroom capabilities

    and much more!

    it uses port 1200 if your interested!
    lemme know what y'all think

    Merry Christmas


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    Default Re: Qwik Chat 3.0 Finally Finalized

    Great program Chilling_Silence

    I've been running it on the 166 with absolutely no lag at all (over a 56k modem).. It's great

    A few things for you to work on (if your interested)
    change colors and the font
    it's a bit confusing on me to see everything in the same font with the same color

    what's a good chat program with no emoticons? - you could get them to be saved on the local computer which would save having to load them from the server

    Newest messages should appear from the bottom up.. there's no logical reason as to why, but they should

    New Users
    When new users join the room and it says --> X has joined the room, could it be a different color just so it distinguishes it from user messages and messenger notifications

    and once you've finished screaming and cursing at the program because of all the changes you've made to it how's about a nice file sharing part - just joking


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