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    Default backup software suggestions?

    Hi everyone

    Just set up a portable external HDD for my IBM ThinkPad R32. It's a Fujitsu 20GB HDD (bought from Bill Leckie Computers in Penrose - highly recommended) encased in a Dick Smith 2.5" HDD enclosure.

    I'm interested in getting some backup software, but from what I can see most products only allow you to backup to media such as CD-R.

    I don't need to create a backup that will function as a boot disk. If my HD in the ThinkPad packs it in, the only reason I want the backup is to restore files, not software (I have all the original CDs of my software).

    A friend told me that the Backup programe that comes with XP Pro is all I need, but I said I would solicit opinions from everyone here.

    Any advice/guidance greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: backup software suggestions?

    I would say the XP backup is ok.

    if you only have to backup some files then you could just zip them and copy them over to the other drive. (I not it not the most user friendly way)

    or you could do a search on (home of all good things)

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    Default Re: backup software suggestions?


    Try My Own Back Up (MOB, version 2), which you can back up to selected drives and compress at the same time. You can create a list of the backups to restore, and it has optional features...I got the program from web attack--freeware--system utilities...

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    Default Re: backup software suggestions?

    I should have said: I'm running XP Pro, and My Own Backup doesn't support that or 2000 or ME.

    Thanks anyway!


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    Big John

    Default Re: backup software suggestions?

    Novaback from Novastor is a good option and a good price.

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