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    Another wee problem on my Mandrake 9.0 box.
    I was playing around with the settings in my Home Folder, and inavertilty lost/miplaced the Toolbar that has the File/Edit/View/Folder/Help etc, etc on it.
    There has to be a shortcut but does anyone know what it could bee.

    One more:
    On the Taskbar at the bottom of the desktop I have an icon that looks like a wee light bulb. When I left or right click on this: I get "New Server" And find that there doesn't seem to be a way of getting rid of it.
    Must stop playing and leave trhings alone I don't understand.

    And this one thats been bugg'n me for a while now:
    Cannnot access my E-Mails through Linux.
    Using K-Mail program, I have just for the first time accessed my e-mails by first having logged onto the net through Mozilla, that worked but if not logged on the K-Mail program wont connect to the server.
    Now is that the only way u can collect e-mails through K-Mail.
    Now I see there is a setup in the Network screen with something called "Precommand" does that have to be filled in and if it does ???.

    cheers merlin-nz in Linux ;-)

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    What might be wrong with Kmail is the recieve settings.
    Hopefully its similar to the SuSE8 settings enough that what i write actually ties down to meaning something.

    Open Kmail
    settings > configure Kmail
    on the left hand side, select "network"
    then in the right the "recieve" tab

    You will probaably see atleast 2 options,
    1./ sendmail
    2./ your-isp SMTP server (i'm assuming you have allready set it up, and given your ISP smtp server a name like that)
    now if it is in that order, here lies the problem, as the top one, which may be labeled "default" as well is what it will try to use.

    Unless you are planning to have your own mail server, select "your ISPs smtp server" & use the arrows on the right to move it to the top

    Press apply . OK

    All fixed (i hope)
    Thats where i stuffed up anyways!


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