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    Default Files left open on SBS 2000 Server after client crash

    I have a problem with Win98 clients (only 2 left) that are connected to a SBS 2000 server running a Clarion application. When the client crashes or the programme is shutdown incorrectly, there are several files (.tps) left open on the server. This causes problems with other clients accessing the Clarion application.
    When I log into the server I usually find 6 - 8 files left open by the client that has crashed.
    Is there any way, of automatically closing all open files that the client that has crashed has not closed.

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    Default Re: Files left open on SBS 2000 Server after client crash


    I'm not too sure if Microsoft have included any features in W2kSvr to do stuff like that, but you could try BatchRun

    Make a batch file that searches your [servers] Harddrive for .tps files and deletes them, and then schedule it as a task for every 24 hours or however long you want it to run.

    Just be aware that this may delete a TPS file even if it's still in use... I doubt it but it's a possibility as Windows should make it a Read Only or Hidden file (or somehow protect it from been deleted)


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