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    Default Outlook Contacts/Address book Shortcut Possible?

    I run Outlook 2002 on a stand alone system, no sharing required. Contacts kept in Outlook under 'Contacts'.

    Is it possible to have a shortcut from Outlook Contacts to the desktop so customer details can be accessed from the desktop when Outlook is not running? Alternatively, is it possible to have some other system whereby contact details only need to be entered the once and be available to both Outlook and the Desktop?


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    Default Re: Outlook Contacts/Address book Shortcut Possible?

    Yes - it's called Address Book. Make a shortcut to "wab.exe" to open this. If you use this as your address book as opposed to Outlook's default address book, they'll be available from within Outlook and from anywhere else on your computer. The Contacts folder in Outlook draws from the Address Book anyway, so Address Book should already have all your contacts in it. Then go to Tools -> Internet Options in Internet Explorer and go to the Programs tab. Under the 'Contact list' list, select Address Book, instead of Microsoft Outlook.

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