I wrote the other day with problems installing Windows 98. I finally got it fully installed by going into System-Performance - Troubleshooting and disabling the 32-bit protected mode disc drivers before installation.Win98 now functions but I now have problems with the CD ROM and other devices. When in normal mode in Device Manager there is no CD ROM controller and the following show that the drivers need updating:
-Primary IDE controller
-Secondary IDE controller
- Yamaha OPL3-SA2 IDE
- Wave device for Voice Modem (windows detects this on start up and tries to load drivers for it). In safe mode the CD ROM controller is present but there is doubling up of some devices like the floppy disc controllers. I have tried loading the original CD ROM drivers and although the CD ROM goes its performance is reduced and it won't even autorun.

I have tried loading drivers for the devices that say they need driver updates from the Win98 disc and original floppy discs without success. Device manager still shows the big yellow exclamation mark by these. Win 98 seems to work normally but seems more prone to crashing on games. Win98 will not boot-up at all if I enable the 32-bit protected mode disc drives in the troubleshooting section.

Does anyone have any thoughts or am I missing something? I have read that some of the drivers that came with Win98 were older than the orginals. I have a Pentium 133, 16MB RAM, Samsung CD ROM (I think). I have plans to upgrade the RAM.

Thanks to Mike and Mike and Juha for the advice on my previous Win98 problems.