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    Default Your opinions please...

    Thanks everyone for your opinions in my other thread...

    DSE Terminator Barebones System

    I'm planning on throwing a 40+ GB HDD in it and putting RedHat 8.0 on it to be a network server....

    I would appreciate your opinions on this

    (Oh and thanks everyone... I'm now up to 50 posts ... I plan on having 100 by the end of this year, and 1000 by the end of next year so keep the [easy] questions rolling in....)

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    Default Re: Your opinions please...

    Bit flash for a linux server (file/print/firewall) don't you think? Perhaps if you wanted to run MySQL or something....
    I would suggest a second hand PII 350 with 128MB of RAM and slap a big HDD in it.

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    Default Re: Your opinions please...


    Its either that or my 166 which is slowly undergoing well needed maintainance...
    It's going to be my file server and logon server for the network, and I was thinking of getting 2... Use the Network server as the DNS controller and have the other one running Apache (with the ASP module installed)and Qmail... then the firewall is IPCOP....

    Then once my funds are up I'm converting back to good ol MS Servers

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    Graham L

    Default Re: Your opinions please...

    At that price it looks very good. Even with no memory. It's probably cheaper than you would get a machine like the one Biff suggests, because a server doesn't really need a monitor or keyboard of its own. You can lend it these items while setting up; afterwards they're just a waste of space and power.

    Go for it.

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    Default Re: Your opinions please...

    Considering it will only be a network server, possibly firewall, and file server, a 20GB HDD should be enough for the network server, and the included processor should be fine. You will probably need 512-1024 MB of RAM in there, and I would recommend DDR, and if not that, then PC133 or higher SDRAM. Graphics are not too much of a worry, neither is sound. You might want to put in a CDRW drive or DVD+RW if you can afford one . For a server, you won't want that extremely small excuse for a case, so I would get a mid-tower case or a full tower case. I would also recommend replacing the motherboard with a new one... so basically, what I'm saying, is abandon a pre-built computer and put one together yourself, despite the fact you don't like this.
    And for a webserver, you'll need plenty of RAM, processing power, and HDD space. Running scripts on it, you don't want to end up in the nerve-wracking situation where something is looping over and over, filling up all the memory available to it and eventually crashing it. You'll need to do your setup very carefully, and keep an eye on settings, logs, and processes.

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    Here's a no frills version of what I've got (I had a DVD-ROM and a 5.1 Channel wound card, and also a GeForce 4 MX 440 with TVO)

    Elitegroup K7S5A VIA KT266 Chipset Socket A ATX 200/266MHz c/w Sound $147
    AMD Athlon XP CPU 1700+ (1.4GHz) FSB266 $118
    ATX Case with 250W Power Supply $55
    256 MB SD-RAM 133Mhz PC133 $49
    256 MB SD-RAM 133Mhz PC133 $49
    Realtech 8139c PCI Network Card 10/100 TX $15

    Cant go wrong with something like that.. Those prices are excluding GST though!

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    Default Re: Your opinions please...

    And it's times like these I (a newbie to PressF1) are starting to wonder why on earth there isn't a function to edit your posts?!

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    Default Re: Your opinions please...

    I'd be worried about:

    The power supply only 150 W (not enough it needs to be 250W)
    Only 2 DIMM slots..
    It sounds like you will need to buy a couple of case fans for it too.

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