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    Hi, I have two PC's connected via a crossover cable. They both see each other fine and I am sharing folders and files. The main PC has an ADSL connection and I would like to share this connection with the other PC. Can anyone tell me how this can be done.


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    Should be fairly easy. Id have your Gateway PC (That's the name for the one with the modem attached) has a Static IP or

    You should just be able to go into the properties of the Connection and select Share this Connection

    This all depends on what your OS is?!

    Then just set it in the browser on the client PC to use a LAN net connection (In IE select Tools- Option- Connection



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    Thanks CS,
    I have just tried this and got the following error message....

    "Cannot enable shared access. Error 783: Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled. The LAN connection selected as the private network is either not present or is disconnected from the network. "


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    If your using Win98 up then you can use Internet Connection Sharing to do this... Install it [pre]Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Windows Setup [/pre] and it's around in there somewhere... Install this on your host PC

    On your Client PC:
    [pre]Start > Control Panel > Settings > Network[/pre] Now click on TCP/IP (your network card name) and open the properties

    Under the Gateway tab add a new gateway with the hosts IP Address, and now move onto the DNS tab, Enable DNS, put the Hosts NAME in the hostname field, leave the domain field blank, and put the hosts IP in the DNS Server Search Order

    Click Okay
    Save your settings

    And that should be it


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