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    OK, something has happened. I haven't installed any printers, in fact I haven't installed anything XP in all it's wisdom has decided that it wants to install a printer! My printer is already installed and not matter what 'printer' it wants to install it says there is conflict, not just between me and the computer. All the check boxes are checked where it says 'Do not install this hardware' but it still wants to connect to the internet to find the drivers. Even when it does connect it just sits there doing nothing.
    So, what's happened and how the hell do I stop it trying to install a non existent printer. Boot time is suffering because of this.

    Cheers, TAG.

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    Are you running the latest drivers for your current printer - go to the manufacterers website and download from there - NOT FROM MICROSOFT'S WEBSITE OR FROM WINDOWS UPDDATE

    Have you tried uninstalling your printer and reinstalling it (via Windows that wants to install a printer) to see what will happen?

    If this doesn't help then have you got any other peripherals connected via your printer port (which I take is LPT1) eg: scanner, zip drive? because if you do, unplug these and try again... They could be upsetting Windows...

    From there if it still does this I could reccomend telling you to install the printer as a "Print to File" printer (pointless, but it may work) and then telling it not to work as it's "Offline" - for help on this post back and I'll help you

    Otherwise I think it's time you call SpeedDial 1 (which should be Microsoft Support for all Windows Users)


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    OK, fixed it. Printer is USB and tablet was USB. I uninstalled both printer and tablet but problem was still there. Went into control panel-system-hardware-device manager but couldn't find the problem...until I found the 'view hidden devices' and there was a printer with a dirty great big yellow question mark on it. Deleted it and Bob's your uncle. Still doesn't answer the question of how did it get there?

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    Graham L

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    Magic. It all works by magic. Sometimes it doesn'twork by magic, too. Then you need string.

    I think it's just the inevitable result of making everything "easy" to use. So you have "Plug and Play" for all external devices, and hot plugging with USB. And sometimes (or often) the clever software gets it wrong.

    Glad you see you found a fix, and an obvious (even though hidden ;-))cause. It's nasty when a problem "fixes" itself. :-(

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