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    Default PC Authority Xp Sp1

    Have noticed in the book shops that the December copy of PC Authority says it has XP Sp1 on the disk that comes with the book. Dose anyone now if it is the update is on the CD or just a setup file with link to Microsoft for down load. My experience with PC Authority CD's is that they tend to just have links rather than the whole file.
    Regards Trev

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    They seem to have the entire service pack.
    As I have already applied it, I am not doing it again to find out.

    They always have links to the site, but always have the file as well

    Just read before you click, and select "install" as the link to click on.

    I get this mag every month and have never found it it promise a program and deliver only a link.

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    Peter H

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    Looking at the CD, I would say it's the full monty - 108mb of it. Surely not just the setup folder.

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    Actually its 170+ Mb on the CD

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    When all else fails - read the instructions.

    The mag says that normally MS will not release Service Packs to mags for distribution, but because of the size and the security importance they agreed to let it go this time.

    Graham Bockett

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    Well I haven't looked near those folders, because my copy of XP came with the SP and IE6 SP1 installed already (released after the SPs came out), but judging by how little is on the first CD, I would go ahead and buy the mag.

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