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    Default counter strike installation help

    when i try to install counter strike about a quarter of the way through the downlad it comes up witha little box saying stuff about a corrupt media file or somthing , so if anybody can help just do umm what ever

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    Default Re: counter strike installation help

    Wherebouts are you trying to download it from? Have you tried an alternative site.

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    Default Re: counter strike installation help

    are you installing it or downloading it?

    if u r installing it then check the cd is not scatched. or try copying it to hardrive first then install.

    if u r downloading it from Where are you downloading it from?

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    Default Re: counter strike installation help

    Donít install it!

    It is so unbelievably addictive. I have got friends who would NEVER spend their weekends on the computer, now they live for it (it seems).

    Itís bad!

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    Default Re: counter strike installation help

    ITs very addictive. I've been playing since the biginning of this year. and i still play it and its still just as addictive. i try not to play it by making a clan site(it occupies me) can you download cs off the internet??? i didnt no that.... please give me a link to the site!!!


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