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    I have been advised by a friend to UPGRADE OUT LOOK no version given.
    using HOTBAR. I am reluctant as only this morning I received a PORN e-mail too graphic and disgusting to print but I did not download the web site given I just went right click delete.
    You may recall in a very recent thread I got rid of Karma sutra from my networking icon and I notice this morning I had 20 cookies..How may I prevent these intrusions without adding a new program?

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    Personal opinion regards Hotbar, if you don't have it, don't get it.

    If you are runing version 5.5 or older of Outlook you can either upgrade to 6.0 via the PCWorld disks or from the MS Update Site. Outlook 6 and the SP upgrade just out for IE patch many holes that might have been available in 5.5 or older.

    Cookies, there are various cookie programs out there but when ever you visit a web site including F1 you will get a cookie(s), in the case of F1 assuming you have ticked the option to remember your password, one of the cookies will do that.

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    Jen C

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    Unless you have a rather old version of Internet explorer there should be no need to update you version if you are currently happy with it - but, having the latests version has added benefits of features and security.

    HOTBAR only fancies up the look of Internet Explorer, and doesn't improve the performance.

    If you having been receiving spam a lot, get the free program called MailWasher to screen out the rubbish before downloading your messages. You should use a disposable email address, such as hotmail, for using on the net when requested. Also, never open suspect emails, just delete them immediately.

    If you are being bugged with spyware cookies, use this program Ad-aware to clean them out.


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    Hot Bar.Now thats a tasty little app. Grrrrrrrrr

    That would be one of the only things I have downloaded that I have instantly disliked.


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    I know Hotbar is an MS program but what a piece of prorgramming crap. It crashes PCs regularly, occasionally fails to remove itself from memory and if you have the Adwatch part of Adware running, it constantly sends out to the net...
    I have banned it from use at work - just another potentional problem program.

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