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    Default Would you beleive it?

    well actually you probably would.

    This post is directly related to my other one (the "Oh crap, I have a SERIOUS problem!" one).

    I've solved the main problem, and it was just something silly after all.

    You see, the pin headers for the front panel buttons etc go something like this:

    2468 (just imagine each number corresponds to the pin position)

    and the manual said to connect the power button to pins 1 & 3, but in my casual stupidity, I connected it to pins 1 & 2, thinking that they were supposed to go vertical, like all the other mobos I've had. So now that works perfect.

    There are still a few questions I have about stuff though:

    Just before the NVidia bios thingy at startup, my screen displays random graphical garbage for a half second - is this supposed to happen/fixable?

    The pc speaker style beep also sounds through my main speaker setup, which is amplified. It is loud enough to be heard next door unless I turn the speakers (& stereo) off while starting up.

    My Geforce4 MX440 AGP appears as a 66MHz PCI device, with 4x mode etc. enabled. Is this some sort of screw up, or something else? The card seems to work fine, and is plenty fast (7300 3D marks in 2001), and works with stuff like AGP texturing etc, but everything reports it as a PCI device.

    Any help with these niggling problems would be greatly appreciated.
    Just in case you didn't see the last thread, my mobo is a Leadtek Nforce2.

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    Default Re: Would you beleive it?

    what OS?

    have you installed the motherboard drivers?? there is some new ones if i remember rightly.

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    Default Re: Would you beleive it?

    Sorry I haven't replied earlier, I was out for the weekend, and then PressF1 was refusing to let me login on Monday.

    WinXP Pro.

    No, I haven't installed the new drivers - for starters, it's a ~20MB download over my 33.6k dialup connection, and secondly, the NVidia website says that I need Service Pack 1 for XP to use the IDE drivers and USB2.0 stuff.

    My machine isn't actually connected to the internet, I'm typing right now on the "House Computer" which is Win95, so it's really hard to get that bloody (excuse the expletive, but It has to be the most annoying site I've ever come across) Windows Update site to give me what I want, namely the seperate parts of SP1 so I can download just the bits I need.

    Can anybody tell me which parts of SP1 I need for the IDE and USB2.0 drivers to work, and if there is an alternate site to Microsoft's one to get em from? ie. one that just links directly to the files on Windows Update?

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    Default Re: Would you beleive it?

    The XP SP1 is on the cover disc of the latest Aust. PC Authority mag. At $9, it's the cheapest way to get it. It cost me $20 from M$.

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    Big John

    Default Re: Would you beleive it?

    Cost me nothing but time to download it!

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