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    I am using NORTON AV 2002
    When you right click on the recycle bin a menu comes up that allows you to "EMPTY NORTON PROTECED FILES."
    It gives no indication what these files are nor allows you to see what they are. Can anyone identify what the files are please.

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    Billy T

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    Probably quarantined files culled by NAV.

    You could try checking "Quarantine Contents" on the NAV control panel or look at Reports/View Items in Quarantine to confirm that there are files there but most likely they have been shunted to the recycle bin.

    There should also be a "last virus detected" entry available on the control panel that will tell you if anything has been picked up recently.

    Myself I'd just let 'em go. There's nothing that Nortons removes that I would want to keep.


    Billy 8-{)

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    go to unerase and select "find all protected files"

    "The Norton Protected Recycle Bin protects the following types of files:
    Files that are deleted while you are using the command line
    Files created and deleted by Windows applications
    Older versions of files that you modify and overwrite
    If the standard Windows Recycle Bin is not enabled, Norton Protection also protects files that would otherwise be under Recycle Bin protection "

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