The password window I also foolishly set up. Your response to Ian Page was of interest. I followed it closely, reset the user profiles and indeed the password disappeared. So too did all my desktop icons and dialer information as well as special settings in many programs - eg Corel Draw. In the process of overcoming this by copying files from the profiles section of the windows directory to the folders of the same name in the main windows directory, still finding the dialer information wasn't in the new file I managed to screw the registry by copying the user.dat file from the profile to the root windows directory. What a mess - still learned heaps. Restored from backup and then found the easy way around the problem. TWEAKUI is a part of the powertoys download from In it is a network tab that has a simple box to tick allowing automatic login. You type name and password once and thereafter the login happens automatically. Much faster than having to rebuild dialers and desktops. You can then return to the password requirement whenever you like, still without destroying the precious desktop setup.