After reading the PC World article in October's edition (p 22), I downloaded
Pmtshoot.exe from Microsoft. I have a new Gateway 9100 running Windows 98,
and its standby mode has the same effect as suspend.
I had previously tested four or five portables in Gateway's Auckland
showroom, and machines running on Win 98 all exhibited the same behaviour,
namely no distinction between standby and suspend modes. The Win 95
machines did not have this problem.
I ran Pmtshoot as directed by the (rather meagre) instructions contained in
the extracted file. With the troubleshooter open I pressed the standby
key, and subsequently the resume key.
The program did not work. Its window returned thousands of lines of text
and numbers, but nothing to indicate that it had located a problem or fixed
it. It did not even state that it had finished its routine, despite my
waiting a lengthy period for it to do so.
I have tried running the utility several times, including using both
standby and suspend keys. I have also installed and uninstalled the
program several times, but each has the same effect, namely no fix. The
program window gets to about line 4,500 and that's it.
Gateway have advised that, under Win 98, there is no distinction between standby and resume. Can this be correct?.