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    Default VBAT VOLTAGE

    I don't know what VBAT is but when i run my hardware monitor it has a pazz about the VBAT VOLTAGE is to high.

    whta is vbat and how can i fix it


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    Graham L

    Default Re: VBAT VOLTAGE

    At a guess it is "battery voltage". Different manufacturers use different voltages to maintain the setup values in the "CMOS" memory. Some use 4.5V, others use 3V. I suspect the software was written by someone whose motherboard uses 3V, and thinks that they are all like that. ;-)

    If there's no smoke coming out, I would ignore the message.

    If it was 'VCPU", it might be a cause for worry.

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    Default Re: VBAT VOLTAGE

    Mine runs at 3.62V, whats up with that. Can it be changed?

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