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    Default Mystery Network Connection: Microsoft TV/Video Connection

    Can anyone tell me why I sometimes have an extra 'network' connection present in my system tray? The connection is named "Microsoft TV/Video Connection" and has a connection speed of 30MBS, while it's there no bits are sent or recieved, and i'm starting to think it's a figment of my computers warped imagination. When i reboot it's usually gone, but seems to appear randomly during sessions or on random startups. (I cant' delete/disable it , and it has no attatched addresses)

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    Default Re: Mystery Network Connection: Microsoft TV/Video Connection


    I take it your running Windows XP? so you most likely have got a video capture card in your computer as this would do it. I wouldn't worry too much about this now as it's just incase you have a video camera and want to digitally edit this.

    Have you tried removing it the same way you remove Network connections from down there (from memory it's something like:
    [pre]Right Click on Icon> Left Click on Properties> Advanced> Show Icon in System Tray[/pre]

    If this is not possible and it's still upsetting you, you could try removing the device from your computer (by either making it an unknown device or taking the peripheral out of your computer)

    Hope this helps


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