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    Default Annoying mouse problem

    Ok, I am really starting to get p... ticked off with my mouse. Today it has started to misbehave, kind of sticking occasionally. I have tryed changing drivers, speed, settings... I even whacked the mouse against the desk! But all to no avail. Some help here would be appreciated.


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    Billy T

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    Turn it upside down, remove the ball and check for fluff & gunge build-up on the rollers. Scrape it off with a toothpick or similar and then clean using a cotton-wool bud & meths or clean water. Clean the ball too.

    Always use a mouse mat and keep it clean. If the rollers are not dirty then you may have a worn out mouse. How old is it?


    Billy 8-{)

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    Peter H

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    Do what Billy T says, but consider buying an Optical one - best thing I ever did. MS Intelleli one.

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    My mouse must be worn out- it is 2 years old, no dust- but... it only seems to happen when I use my brand new hp deskjet...

    Anyway, I'm planning on getting an optical mouse. Now if only I can convince my parents to get me one...

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    Default Re: Annoying mouse problem

    Probably not your mouse then.
    If it only happens when printing, your PC is probably "otherwise occupied" spooling to the printer, and has not got the time to check the mouse position. Hence it seems like the mouse but is the whole PC pausing.

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    Default Re: Annoying mouse problem

    ARG. I just found out why it was doing it randomly as well. BECAUSE THE BLOODY HP SOFTWARE DUMPED SOME RANDOM CRAP IN TASK SCHEDULER! Bleh.

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    Default Re: Annoying mouse problem

    am curious ... is this the recomended way to investigate misbehaving live pet mice ( of the furry variety ) ??? :O

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    OMG I feel sooooooo stupid. The mouse wasn't plugged in properly! I'll have to add this to my list of computer pranks to pull. ]

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