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Thread: antivir or avg?

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    Default antivir or avg?

    which is best?

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    Default Re: antivir or avg?

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    Default Re: antivir or avg?


    I think AVG!!

    AntiVir, my mate has it and it is rather annoying, poping up at the wrong times, and is hard to get going to get new updates, definately go with AVG!!G)


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    Peter H

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    AVG - Free & updates always up to date automaticly.

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    My vote goes to AVG.
    I have used both AVG and Antivir on two different computers (win 98 & ME). I found Antivir to be "clunky" and slow on both computers. Updates were also a pain. AVG On the other hand runs nicely on both computers, is user friendly, updates & scans are a breeze. It is also a way faster than Antivir.
    Whichever solution you choose an occasional visit to Housecall and Panda for a free online scan never goes amiss.

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    Default Re: antivir or avg?

    I'd personally go with AVG, its efficient reliable and did I mention FREE.

    BTW I'm a recent convert, have been using norton since the days that my $1250 2X Parallel CD writer came with it (NAV 3), and AVG is way better!



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    i can't say what is best but general rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. however an upto date free antivirus is better than an old out of date one.

    i've had no problems with AVG on any machine. nortons sometimes dies, panda crashed on install, macfee is problematic. never tried antivir so no comment on that one.

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    Steve Askew

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    AVG in big letters :-D
    Just remember that new virus's can get thru with any antivirus program,So dont go opening emails from people you dont know & also any emails that look odd from people you do know.
    cheers steve

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