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    When I turn off my computer and before I turn off my monitor I have been getting a message come up "Factory Burn-in 31.5KHZ 60HZ",followed after one minute by "Factory Burn-in 47.5KHZ 60HZ",followed after another minute by "Factory Burn-in 63.5KHZ 60HZ"and repeating.
    What is this and does it indicate a problem?

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    I am not sure what the message means but i think it's a kind of self test??

    probily not a problem.

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    You probably already knew, but a factory burn-in is when your machine is tested in the factory for a period of time prior to being shipped out to the disti or shop. Usually this goes for 24 - 36 hours (but not always). Maybe your machine was not completely tested before being sent out? Though apparently the machine needs a disk to run the burn-in from...

    So that probably didn't help!

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    Its your monitor, not the computer.

    Its running through the self-test of different refresh and scan rates.

    Check the manual to see if it can be turned off?

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